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Grease trap Cleaning


Grease Trap Cleaning


Decta PHS specialises in the maintenance and removal of fats, oils and greases from greasetraps. We offer specialised maintenance services for business owners of the commercial, hospitality and real estate industries. 


No greasetrap is too small or too big, we maintain them all.  Services include:

  • Greasetrap cleaning
  • Removal of greasetrap waste
  • Issuing of disposal certificates
  • Regular routine services and maintenances on any size of greasetrap
  • Optional service : biological dosing for greasetraps which is a  bio-degradable process where our product breaks down the fat and waste, preventing the fats to solidify and causing clogging of pipes and also eliminating malodours.

What is a greasetrap?

A greasetrap is a tank or pit with a baffle at the inlet.  This is the most commonly used water pre-treatment device in food preparation processes.   It collects grease and oily wastes by flotation and coagulation and settle the solid fats, preventing these solids to discharde into the sewer system and causing blockages.


Maintaining your greasetrap

We have the equipment and personnel to service your greasetraps. A regular service routine is essential for the sewer line to run effectively.  The greasetrap is designed to protect the sewer line and the city waste water treatment plant.  As an owner of a food preparation outlet you are obliged to fulfil a number of regulations to ensure that there is no damages to the sewer line which can be a costly fix.

Our fleet is ready to service your grease trap, trust the specialists at Decta PHS.